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Keeping the Mood Light: A Basket Full of Puppies

Ask any agent who's been around for over a decade...this market has gotten pretty crazy. For those who decide to sit back and wait until it calms down, I honestly feel like you are going to be waiting a long time. So, as we are all riding this super intense roller coaster, I figure it would be worth it to put out my two cents of how to stay calm, yet fierce, in a market full of multiple offers.

1. Your happiness is not defined by the house you live in. Plain and simple. If you are able to understand this, you are way ahead of the game.

2. Learn to pounce. The second a listing comes on the market that you like, you better be on top of your agent asking to get in ASAP. This is a gimme.

3. Surround yourself with agents with a good sense of humor: Obviously, we are here to be professionals (and the majority of us are). But when the stakes are as high as they are, and the odds are not in your favor, we all need to remember to keep the environment light. Today I was commiserating with a…

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