On Wisconsin!!!! ~ Fun with basements

Here in Wisconsin almost every home has a basement.  I consider your basement space the perfect place to really get wild and have fun.  No need to follow design ideas from Nate Berkus or to make sure you've choses this year's Pantone color of the year.

Fun trumps en vogue in my opinion; so find a theme and go with it.  Be crazy, because honestly...it's the basement!

Perfect example...

I had a closing yesterday on a home in South Milwaukee.  A well maintained colonial that had the kind of price that gives a buyer butterflies. The icing on the cake to my buyer: the basement was an homage to the Wisconsin Badgers with a huge bar.  My buyer went to Madison, so she was thrilled with the basement.  Check out this carpeting...it's awesome!

And do you see my ADORABLE buyer behind her new bar????  Gah...she's an awesomely strong woman!

So anyway...

This inspired me to check out some other themed basements via "the Google"; check out what I found!

Look at this Packer's tile flooring, click the link to view the website if you want more details on price.  http://www.onestopfanshop.com/p-282378-green-bay-packers-carpet-tiles-flooring.aspx

I love the throwback 50s diner, I've seen something similar in a home in Glendale.  You could do this pretty easy, you just need black and white tile floor and find some old vintage soda shoppe furniture.

This one really takes the cake, you've gotta REALLY like Superman a lot.  But hey, it's pretty cool right?!?!

Moral of the story, if you are going to have fun ~ just do it!  Sure you run the risk of a future buyer not liking it...but that's where you need to balance your enjoyment of your home vs. the equity you want out and when.

Also, if you plan on making your basement an homage to a sports team, may I suggest you stick with a team that buyers in your state will approve of.  For instance, I wouldn't suggest someone basing their theme on the Cowboys in a home in Wisconsin. #justsaying


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