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Industry Innovation: The First Brokerage in a Warehouse

It's been just over a week since we've rolled out our new logo (which everyone LOVES)...and hey, we do too! There are so many more twists & surprises that we have in store for our clients & fans. Up next, introducing the public to our warehouse space. We have completely turned the real estate brokerage business model upside down. Since staging & styling has become such a huge part of our business model, we figure...why not merge the staging side with the office space. I found a fantastic space in Glendale with a conference room, tons of square footage and a loft area (where the real work happens). Building this business model has been fun and exciting: this is real estate innovation. It has not been done before. Rumor has it that this concept is already spreading...sounds like some will follow my lead. There are so many exciting things about creating a new business (and new business model). I love the fact that my husband & I,  Cali, Courtney,

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