Down the Rabbit Hole

I have been an agent at the same real estate firm for over 9 years.  

The first 3 years of my career I was so very young, fueled with so much excitement and lacking SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE!  Years 4-6 I gained a good amount of knowledge and found my confidence in this industry (and maybe was a bit too cocky at times).  And in these last three years I have grown in to a confident, well versed business woman.  

I grew in an environment that allowed me to learn, allowed me to make mistakes and allowed me to find myself as a Realtor.  And at the same time, I raised two boys.

While all was well…I knew I needed a change. I felt I needed to find a brokerage that offered all the tools that I need to further my growing business.  I needed to step outside of the brokerage that felt like “home” and spread my wings in an agency that ignites a fire inside me, and challenges me.

A few weeks ago I sent a text message to a top broker of a boutique firm.  

“I have been thinking a lot about my career and where it is going in the future…”

Literally, within 10 seconds, my phone was ringing.  WHAT A COMPLIMENT!!!!!  One of the most powerful Realtors in the whole market clearly dropped everything she was doing and called me the second I reached out.  I knew right there she wanted me; she saw the value in me and I felt like I was just given the biggest compliment of my career.

Within a few weeks I planned my exit strategy from my current company and, more difficult, the team of agents I worked with.  

I agreed to sign on with the boutique brokerage, and I hadn’t been this excited or scared in this business since I first got my license.  

I am excited because I will be given the tools at this brokerage that I personally need.  Those are…
  1. A company who holds a dominant amount of the market share in the area I service
  2. A warehouse full of staging furniture to offer my clients (gahhhhhhhh)
  3. A company who is very visible in the community I service (i.e. sponsoring Run the Bay)
  4. Technical resources like top of the line photography and 3D tours

I am scared because…
  1. I will be held to a level of standards that isn’t found anywhere else in this community
  2. I hate to lose, and the idea of being surrounded by an office full of hungry young agents makes me realize I am going to need to bring my “A” game…(thank god I do Crossfit)
  3. I know I am going to hurt peoples feelings when I leave the current brokerage (this is the worst one, by a million)

So today… I jumped down the rabbit hole.  


  1. Katie - Love the post - I certainly understand that this change comes with a mixed bag of emotions. Joining Powers Realty Group was the scariest (as I was leaping head first into what was unknown to me) and best decision I've made in my professional life. I've found endless motivation, support, innovative training, and amazing mentorship at PRG - I know you will too! ~Erika Morrison


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