Katie's Top Home Trends for 2016

Here are my picks for this years top Home Styling Trends!

Geometric Patterns:

Adding some geometric patterns to your space can help add some color and dimension.  You need to be careful not to over do it with too many patterns.  You can pull these patterns in to your room by adding a piece of art on the wall, stylish drapes or a throw over a couch.  Or, check out the tiles in the bathroom below!

Coral/Pink Accent Pieces:

The color coral compliments grey so well.  And considering everyone is painting their interiors grey, chances are you might be able to benefit from adding a pop of coral to your space.  Ways to add some coral can be adding some painted shelves, some decorative throw pillows or coral colored picture frames.


Edison Bulbs:

Lighting plays a huge role in ambience and style in a home.  I absolutely LOVE Edison bulbs.  They liven up a space.  You need the right light fixture to show them off of course.

Rose Gold/Copper:

I bought a small desk lamp in a shiny copper, it just makes me smile.  We've seen all metals come in and out of popularity...but I love how fresh rose gold/copper make a space feel.

Kelly Green:

Maybe its the lack of greenery around Milwaukee right now, but seeing rooms painted in Kelly Green just make me so very happy.  I love this color because it is reminiscent of the Emerald City and how positive and mystical it was.


Kilim Rugs:

These rugs can add a touch of MCM or SouthWestern feel to a room.  They work great if you have a more transitional design style.

Secret: When I am staging your homes, I try to base my staging on patterns and bold colors...it's all about what photographs the best!


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