Perseverance & Real Estate Drama

Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed like every phone call or email was filled with something negative.  One house needs 1/2 a new roof, last minute amendments so we can close a transaction on time, agents refusing to share documents until you share a report that you haven't gotten...just sass-a-fras everywhere I looked.

One of the worst emails came in the morning.  Without going in to detail too much; a buyer who just one day before was jumping up and down that they swooped in and nabbed a hot property, now realized the transaction may be in jeopardy   

I wrote that buyer back, and said the following...

"Hear me out, and please read the following.  I understand that real estate is not your everyday normal, but it is mine.  Navigating around obstacles like this is something I am familiar with.  In addition I am a very persistent person, I do not give up until all options have been considered."

As of this morning, we are somewhat back on track and fighting to keep this deal together.

Real Estate is a roller coaster of emotion.  You can be so high one day, and within minutes you can have bad news delivered that will take you down.  But, guess what I've grown to learn?  I've learned to ride the roller coaster!  (Not to mention I run marathons for fun...let that soak in for a second).  

When bad news comes my way, I never let it get me down; conversely I rise to the occasion.  

Last night, when I was airing the days grievances with my husband I stopped myself and said, "But the best part about that with all the sh*t that came my way... I just kept going!"

So I would like to make a special shout out to the person who really tried to rial my skin yesterday...I AM MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER...I AM A FIGHTER!  You would be wise to focus on your own business and not mine.


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