As I've said in previous posts, my move to my brokerage back in November was one of the most difficult times of my life.  Strap in, I am about to tell a really personal behind the scenes story of the "Realtor World".

I've been referred to as an agent who "has been selling real estate since she was in diapers."  There is someone I have to thank for this, she knows who she is.  The sentiment is pretty true.  I used to run around the old Federated office on Capitol drive which absolutely owned the North Shore market share in the 1980-90s.  I remember the "Top Producers" used to get their own parking spot in the lot out back AND they'd get their names on a big board when you'd walk in the front door.

One day, in 2006 I was looking through the Employment section of the Journal-Sentinal and saw a bazillion ads for Realtors Wanted.  I looked over to my mom and said "Why aren't I a Realtor?" and she responded "I don't know, why aren't you?"  She proceeded to tell me that she had always thought about doing it, but decided not to because her big sister was one.  My mom didn't want people to think she went in to real estate because of that...but she urged me to reach out to her sister, because she thought I'd be great at it.  So I did...

My start was slow.  I was working a part time job as a PR Director for a Pain Relief clinic when I got my license, and gave birth to our first son.  In 2008 I officially joined my aunt's team...I was brought on as an individual agent but as I slowly learned the perception to most people was that I was an assistant.

I learned so much from her that first year I was with her, and I worked my tail off for her.  I wanted to "earn my keep", and by the second year (2009) I was with her I was just shy of $3 million in sales.  I stayed pretty consistent for the next 6 years; growing my business, having the luxury of raising my boys and assisting with my aunt's business.

Last fall I realized that our youngest son would be in full time kindergarten in the fall of 2016, it was time for me to make a move in my professional life.  From the time I had that revelation to the time I actually moved was less than a month...I made a GIANT life decision quickly.

I made my decision official on November 2nd, but I had a dilemma, my aunt was going on vacation just a few days later.  She would be returning on November 14th.  I figured I would meet with her on the 15th and tell her.  I had this plan of sitting her down, crying and thanking her...apologizing for doing it right after she got back from vacation but figuring she'd understand because she's been in this business for over 35 years...she gets how quickly agents leave, right?!?!  (Side note: In real estate, agents don't ever give 2 weeks notice, the moment you tell your broker you are leaving, you are OUT).

Then, I got a text the night before she planned to return..."Our hosts convinced us to stay longer.  We were able to change our flight to Tuesday instead of Saturday"


That changed my delivery, but I had a plan of action to move brokerages in place and I stayed on course.   I told her over the phone that I would be leaving the company...ugh, that sucked!  Telling my managing broker at my old office wasn't any easier, I cried when I told her.  When I got home I felt emotionally drained.  I just left my brokerage and my aunt still wasn't even home from her vacation.

The aftermath hasn't been easy, but I kept my focus.  There was a scorched trail behind going back now.  For the past few months I've set the bar super high and just told myself "What if?  What if I can make it up there?"

Fast Forward to Saturday night:  I was out to dinner with my husband and sons at Devon's.  While I was physically there, I was "that person" who was ignoring her whole family and looking at her phone the entire time...because I was negotiating TWO offers.  I felt like such an awful person.  I could see the glares from other people eating, probably thinking..."look a that mom over there who can't get off her phone and talk to her kids".  And then, a text came in from my broker  "You are the company's first quarter all company leader.  Serious a$$ kicking."

I CRIED!!!!!!!  And cried and cried...and I am crying right now as I type this!

I sacrificed so much in these past few months, and all along I heard my late mother's voice in my head who just said "keep going, you can do this, don't worry".

She was right!!!!!  Oh my goodness, I feel so validated.

In Conclusion:

This sign is in my Brokers's office.  It's rather fitting in my opinion for all the phenomenal women who set amazing examples before me; my mom, my aunt, my old managers and my current broker.  
I love you all!


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