Fun & Inspiration @ the Kohler Design Center

Last week I surprised my husband with a two day get-away to The American Club for his birthday.  While we were up in Kohler we decided to stop in to the Kohler Design Center, know...when in Rome!

We were absolutely WOWed by everything we saw and are super excited to start planning our own bathroom remodel(s) in our home.  (Fingers crossed in the next year).

I decided to take some inspirational photos to share on the blog.

This first bathroom was like a mix between the Golden Girls and a jungle.  I actually really kind of liked it.  It seems like we have just eliminated all the shiny brass fixtures from all homes, and now I find myself gravitating back towards it!


I really loved the mixture of textures in this bathroom; well the massive amount of greenery was a bit much, but its supposed to be a bit over the top.  (Side note: the moment my husband got up out of the chair he cracked his head on one of those floaty glass orb lights...they were pretty but not practical)

I got a kick out of this next bathroom, because once again here we are coming full circle with colored bathtubs & sinks.  This periwinkle blue is not your typical mid-century colored tub we are used to seeing in Milwaukee.  I really liked the matching subway tile.

Up next comes my favorite!  This horizontal herringbone tile in white with the marble tub.  Yes please! 

And then there is the super funky/random things we saw like...

This bathtub, where the water literally streams from the ceiling, and look at how the bathtub is full of water and then it overflows in to a moat.  The logical realtor in me questions how practical that is (where would the plumbing access be located for the water?).  

Nonetheless we couldn't refrain from taking a goofy picture.

And then there was this last one, with the light up floor.  It's pretty much a bathroom inspired by a music video collaboration between Jamiroquai and Liberace.

All in all it was just fun to walk around, see some crazy stuff and get inspired.


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