This is what I train for.

Two of my biggest passions in life are real estate and long distance running.

In order to be able to succeed at either, there is one thing you must have under your belt, it is called "BASE".  Your base is the foundation that all of your training/skill rests on.

Your base is the slowest, most tedious process.  It doesn't take weeks or takes years or even decades.  The constant that gets you through your base training is persistence.

Once you have your base, you start to add different training skills.  In real estate this is where market knowledge and negotiations begin to form; the equivalent to speed-work and "pace" runs for marathon training.

Next comes strength exercise which starts to push you to a level you didn't think was possible.  In real estate, you become mentally stronger with every difficult deal that comes your way..."Baptism by Fire" is what many in this business refer it to.  I do Crossfit for my physical & mental strength.

Eleven years later, I am an extremely efficient veteran Realtor and a seasoned 9-time marathoner; in fact, last year I sold over $11 million in real estate and qualified for the Boston Marathon.

So, why write about this?  Well, lately I have had multiple clients ask me how I am able to handle the stress and workload that I take on.  To answer the question I simply say "this is what I train for!"



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