Earned not Given: the Boutique Agent approach

In a world of buying in bulk and dehumanizing consumer relations it is important to remember that buyers & sellers of real estate deserve guidance by their Realtor. Buying/Selling a home is usually a person's largest financial transaction in their life. It deserves the attention to detail by a master of the craft; you deserve a Boutique Agent.

This is not the time for you, the consumer, to be put on a conveyor belt and move from one point person to the next, as done so on some "real estate teams". In the industry we call this "list & leave". The team leader comes in and woos you with their savvy ways and high volume statistics. The potential buyer/seller signs on the line and never sees the team lead again.

It is because of this that I believe the client deserves more than being just another number. This is where the "Boutique Agent" comes in to play.

Boutique is defined as: "a small shop; a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele"

Realtor is defined as: "a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings & land" 

Put it together and you get a Boutique Real Estate Agent, defined as: "a small business, serving a sophisticated clientele for sale & purchase of real estate". My translation: a single agent who is the only point person for the client during the term of a real estate transaction.

Example: I love my clients, my clients get ME. Just this past weekend, while out on a run, I got a text from a client who needed help at Home Depot. In 30 minutes I was there by her side picking out light fixtures.

It is a fact, an academic study just came out, that proves homes sold by Realtors net the SAME proceeds to a seller as homes sold off market (without commission). In addition, homes marketed without the assistance of any Realtor have a very low probability of selling. So in the end, hiring a Realtor absolutely makes sense and is a wise investment.

The question arises, would you prefer to give that money away to just any agent? Or invest in an Boutique Agent who plans to earn it and has a vested interest in your success?

I am a firm believer in Earned not Given!


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