Through the Looking Glass…the journey continues

Nearly 4 years ago, I took flight from my old brokerage & team to establish myself as an independent agent. I didn't know what would happen, I just asked myself "what if?". 

My mind began to wander as my business began to grow to a size I never anticipated and branched out to a world of staging & styling like I wouldn’t have thought possible. The art of selling homes & styling became intertwined with one another ~ I felt something new blossoming. 

I realized, it’s time for me to move out on my own. The world is calling, I have something new…an idea that 100% combines each of these businesses along with sharing them in an a la carte fashion (with both clients & agents).  

So today, Katie Corcoran is offering brokerage services and more. My squad & I are so excited to roll out more info to everyone in the next few weeks. Words cannot express the excitement that I feel, but of course changes like this are never easy. 

I will absolutely miss all of my colleagues at my prior brokerage, and my former broker who ultimately helped me find this level of confidence. Her professionalism is next level!

This is it...I have just birthed a "business baby" which my marketing specialist and I have been calling it. It's been our little secret, which we are now so excited to share with everyone else. 

So who's ready for some epic moments... #spring2020 can't come soon enough!


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