Lizard Brains, buying homes & the art of just knowing

Have you ever been in a moment, and felt your self think "this is big"...but you have no idea why it's big?  I am not sure if I am hearing my "lizard brain", my gut or if my angel-of-a-mother is whispering in my ear.  (I often like to think the latter).  Regardless, these moments always spark my interest.
I love to track where these micro moments take me.  The older I have gotten, the better I am at picking them out.  

My favorite domino effect of a moment went from a shopping trip to Cost Plus World Market for a basket to hold baby bottles; to purchasing a new home in Fox Point 3 months later.  
As I drove out to World Market that one day in August, all I wanted to do was find a basket for Charlie's baby bottles.  But I swear that I heard my mother talking to me on the way out, the best I can describe her message was "watch this happen".  
I made it out to World Market for the baskets and left with a U-Haul truck with a sofa, rug, lamp, side table, chairs etc.  Essentially I bought a basket PLUS a whole new living room set (which we needed).  
That snowballed in to staging my house to prepare it for a potential renter.  Then, when my baby had me awake late at night, I found a house on Trulia that sparked my interest.  The next day we looked at it, and by the end of the week we had an accepted offer.  We moved in one week before Christmas.  I was convinced this house was a Christmas present from my mom up above and I traced it all back to that one day in August.  
That is the cliffs notes version of this tale, clearly there are a lot more details that string the story together.  But the point is, when you silence the outside world and focus on listening to the voice within, you often will find yourself on the right path.  You may not know where the path will lead, but if you trust and have faith in yourself you will find the way.  
So often people overanalyze decisions; in the end they are overwhelmed by their thought process and remain put.  That is one of the biggest mistakes people can make in life.  
Whether you are purchasing a new home, embarking upon a new business venture or making a personal change within...remember to silence the craziness of life, opinions of others and your fears.  Open up your ears to your lizard brain and you won't be wrong.


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