Botox for the Bathroom

My house was built in the early 1950s.  I love that we purchased our home from the original owners.  One of the perks of purchasing from long time owners is the home is extremely well maintained.  The down side to this can be; really well maintained BUT outdated.  Case in point, our full bathroom.

Our tile is like mint green and butter-cream.  And if you read my post on vintage bathroom tile you'll remember I actually LIKE the concept of preserving original features.  On the contrary, this color combo would not have been my first choice.  Additionally, they used the same ceramic tiles on the walls that they used for the floor.  I do not believe those tiles are appropriate for flooring.  (They did this in both baths, and both floors legitimately NEED to be replaced).

At this time we can live with the baths as is.  So, instead of giving the full bath a totally face lift, I opted for a quick Botox injection just to freshen things up and give us some more time to decide what we will do with the bath.

My decision was to paint the original cabinet and line it with fun contact paper. 

I went to Home Depot and picked out a color from Rustoleum's Transformations line: Charcoal Grey.
Furniture Transformations
And for the interior, I ordered a fun grey chevron contact paper.  

After completing the project, I plan to eventually add new charcoal grey floor (either tile or vinyl) and that green toilet has got to go!  But, for only $50 dollars and a little work I have given my bathroom the little injection of life it needed so I can actually enjoy my bathroom despite my dislike for the color choice from the 1950's.

FUN FACT:  I have used this same contact paper to help sell my listings.  Do you see how just this little accent makes a boring kitchen more exciting?  That house sold in a day for full price!


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