Tuesday Tour Highlights 1.27.15

Today's tour was short but sweet.  We saw 3 homes in WFB, one in Fox Point...and a $2.1 million dollar listing in Mequon.  The weather was beautiful and sunny...but sunny usually translates to poor interior photos, so forgive my not so stellar iPhone photos.

Here are a few of the highlights from today...


On the 4700 block of Sheffield, close to WFB schools, there is a darling little 2 bedroom 1 bath home listed for $229,900.  Honestly, I think the home is priced quite well, and is the perfect starter home for someone looking to move right in.  The owners of this home have fantastic taste, and one of my favorite fun design ideas from them was a wall in their nursery.  Seriously, look at how cute this idea is!!!  

This could be a fun weekend project.  Maybe, for a more sophisticated approach, you could do this in all black, or black and white and put in a family room?  Or an office?  Again...this blog is all about inspiration, and I like where this idea takes my mind.

All the boxes checked

Typically, when shopping for a home in Whitefish Bay, a buyer needs to make some concessions with their dream home.  Maybe they give up their dream of a master bath?  Maybe they settle for a small yard?  Maybe the kitchen needs to be updated?  Well, if you are looking for a home where all the boxes on your wish list are checked...look no further.  The home at 4958 N. Woodburn is the picture perfect Whitefish Bay home.  

I also love the location of this home and the dining room is GOREGOUS.  It's a short walk to all the schools, Cahill and Big Bay.  This home is what us realtors like to call "Easy to Show'.  To translate that means we can usually take a look at it on a whim and you know it'll look beautiful when you walk in.

(I feel like this home belongs in a movie where Diane Keaton plays the perfect mother.  I mean, right?  Who doesn't love Diane Keaton?)

Workout with a View

Typically when I work out I am either running outside or I'm at my home away from home, Crossfit 100.  I very rarely workout in my house.  But I'll say, I might workout at home a bit more if my view was Lake Michigan. Seriously?  Wouldn't this make running on the treadmill a bit more tolerable?

This awesome workout room, is tucked away in the master suite.  You have to go up a spiral stair case to get there.  Pretty cool!

Listing Information:

4766 N. Sheffield Ave, WFB
$229,900 2 bedroom, 1 bath
Shorewest, Mike Quinlevan

All the boxes checked
4958 N. Woodburn, WFB
$679,900 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath
Keller Williams, Jay Schmidt

Workout with a View
706 E. Eastwyn Bay Dr, Mequon
$2,100,000 5 bedrooms, 4.2 bath
Coldwell Banker RB, Katie Falk


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