Tuesday Tour Inspiration 1.13.15

Sometimes my job is sooooo fun.  Today I toured 7 homes in Whitefish Bay and one in Bayside.

To get everyone up to speed, each Tuesday real estate agents tour the new listings on the market.  While most markets in Milwaukee aren't "big on tour"...the North Shore absolutely IS!

I have been inspired by so many of these homes, and more particularly the ingenuity and style of people who live in these homes.  So today...I will show you the highlights from today's tour.

Ivory & Gold

I absolutely love this color combination of ivory and gold accents.  The photos you see here are from a bungalow in Whitefish Bay.  There is a little office area when you walk up the stairs, followed by a hallway lined with built-ins.  This bedroom is so cozy, I just loved it! 

Look how they added the wallpaper behind the shelving.  I have an old bookcase I've been meaning to do this to, and I think this is my final inspiration.  By the end of this week I anticipate a before and after thanks to this.

And I personally/professionally need to remember this for staging...she covered all her books with brown and white paper.  Brilliant!

Gahhhhhh: I heart porches

Check out this porch on a listing in Bayside.  

Seriously, don't you wish it was warm out?  The porch swing is total perfection.  And bonus, it's on Fairy Chasm, so you can cheer on all the marathoners come October's Lakefront Marathon!

Winner for most creative mudroom!

One of the most popular style of home in WFB is the colonial.  Honestly, like 50% of my friends lived in the same house.  You all know it, the front door is positioned off-center, the powder room is in the middle of the 1st floor, just across the side door to the driveway and the basement steps are literally RIGHT THERE as you enter that side door.  This brings me to my point...the lack of mudroom/space to dump kids coats and backpacks, when you enter the home.  (Because let's face it, you almost NEVER use the front door, which actually has a coat closet located next to it).  

So, what do you do with everything?  Well...see below.

They decided to utilize space in the basement!

...and I love the little partitioned wall.  This is the perfect space for kids to come home from school, get their homework done and watch Teen Titans Go!

Listing Information:

Ivory & Gold
5035 N Berkeley, WFB
$229,500 3 bedroom, 1 bath
Shorewest, Meg Wright

Gahhhhh: I Heart Porches
425 W Fairy Chasm, Bayside
$269,000 3 bedroom, 2 bath
Shorewest, Karen Wertz

Winner for Most Creative Mudroom!
4908 N Wildwood, WFB
$439,900 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath
Keller Williams, Jay Schmidt


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