A Years Worth of Thankfulness

I would like to point out a large group of people who I am extremely grateful for, they are my clients.

I have been beyond blessed this year with some of the most fun, smart, kind and overall good people to work with.  Without a doubt, I have the best clients.

Our journey in real estate is not always easy, but there is only one thing I can guarantee.  I promise to stand by them through thick and thin.  Sometimes we struggled, sometimes we triumphed, sometimes we lost...but most of the time we won.

This year, my clients and I got 44 offers accepted and we worked really hard to make it to the closing table on all those deals.  

I am so passionate about my business; my clients are my business, therefore I am passionate about each and every one of you.  You put your faith and trust in me to guide you through such an important process.

Forever and always I will be your personal pitbull...thank you, it has been an honor to help you all.

Our battles, our glory!
  • Getting all my sellers to put stuff in storage!
  • Me driving past a home at 5:30am and texting you "Rise and Grind...we just found your home!"
  • A husband in charge of finding the perfect home for his family, (while his wife and children were still living in another state).
  • Making sure all the pregnant mommies were moved in to their new home in time for baby.
  • Struggling to complete last minute repairs and permits that were forgotten by the listing agent as you moved in to the home.  
  • "Domino Effect" closings...where home #1 closes, followed by #2, then #3 all in the same day.  If one domino falls, all the deals die!
  • Repairs, repairs, repairs!  A 1/2 a roof, palmer valves with our fingers crossed, cracked windows under warranty that get broken by repair men, basement repairs, mold, you name it.
  • So many "Multiple Offer" situations!
  • Site unseen Hail Mary
  • Pushing a VW bus into the driveway on a final walkthrough
  • Selling a home in 4 days; after it sat on the market for 324 days with TWO other agents.
  • Helping a flipper nab an awesome opportunity in WFB ~ when there were 25 total offers.
  • Working with clients in China.  I never met or talked to them once, only email.
  • Buying a Short Sale with an FHA loan...not easy.
  • Having my buyer tell me "I think I left money on the table"...and the glory of finding out they didn't!
Now you all get to rest an relax in your new homes...who's next in 2017?


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