Playing Well with Others: Baseball vs Real Estate

As I watched game 7 of the World Series I saw something that truly inspired me.  Hidden behind the emotional excitement of these young players and their amazing athletic abilities was something we don't often see in sports anymore.  That is "respect for the opponent".  
I watched a runner slide in to 2nd base and collide with the 2nd Baseman...they each continued without anger.  I saw a player from one team forced out, and the opponent covering near them gave a quick pat on the back as they ran off the field, as if saying "good effort".   
It reminded me of our kids playing Little League.  While they all end up on different teams, most of them are friends and have known one another long before the season started.  They play to win, and when its over they are still friends.  The "spirit of the game" lives on. 
The Little League mom in me was cringing last night; all I saw were grown-up-little-boys trying to fulfill their dreams.  Sadly, someone had to lose.  So it's just inspiring that at the hight of athleticism all these players show such dignity and grace to one another.  
I liken this to real estate because often times agents from different companies are on opposite sides of a transaction.  While we work to cooperate and make a transaction come together, there is also a level of competitiveness that can overshadow the "spirit of the deal".  
Some deals aren't very graceful, but I think it is important to pat the other agent on the back at the closing and show them respect and dignity that you appreciate all their effort.  Holding a grudge is unhealthy and bad sportsmanship.  
It saddens me to hear that some agents want to exclude others from showing a listing they have.  Excluding agents means you exclude their buyers.  Excluding = Bullying
I think our industry could take a good lesson from these champions of baseball (and I mean both teams).  Let's reset the count and play on!


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