One Year after the Rabbit Hole

Exactly one year ago today I moved brokerages.

It was a leap of faith.  I had two options laid out in front of me: success or failure, and failure really wasn't an option.

I have learned a lot in the past year.  The following are my top take aways:

1.  The spring market is a real place: When you are fully submersed in residential real estate the spring market feels like a vortex, like an actual place you go to for 4-5 months.  When you emerge you realize you sold a ton of homes and hope that your life is where you left it.

2.  Building Base Helps:  This year I sold 4 times my old average.  I realize that my strong base in real estate (this is my 10th year) is what helped me to work efficiently.  I didn't skip a beat with my clients and was able to accommodate everyone.

3.  Surround yourself with Great People:  I am grateful everyday for my clients, my co-workers, my manager (aka Den Mom) and my broker.  It is easy to succeed when you surround yourself with positive, amazing people.

4.  Car Tetris:  My car can fit a lot of furniture; it is like a clown-car...full of furniture.

5.  Always take the Leap of Faith:  My story is living proof that the impossible is always possible, as long as you can imagine it.

6.  My Broker is the ultimate Cheerleader:  Last year I told my broker that I felt like no one took me seriously in real estate.  Stone cold she looked me in the eyes and said "I take you seriously."  Throughout the year she planted ideas in my head, possibilities, goals that I had never imagined before.  I will forever be thankful for how much she believes in me (and that she was waiting for me at mile 23 of my last marathon).

My post from 1 year ago today...
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